Marcus Holloway


10 year old Marcus Holloway died of severe malnutrition after his mother, Candice Holloway, and her boyfriend, Private Connell C. Williams, 32, fed him only water and rice cakes over the course of several months as a punishment for eating too many sweets. During this time, Marcus was locked in a room described as being like a “dungeon.” A physician said the boy’s condition was “consistent with that of concentration camp photos.” By the time he died, Marcus had lost half of his body weight. There were also allegations of physical abuse. The family lived in military housing in Fort Sill, and Candice Holloway homeschooled both Marcus and his sister.

Date: May 5, 2011
Location: Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Documents: Date:
Soldier faces death penalty for ‘locking girlfriend’s son, 10, in a dungeon and starving him to death’ 2012-05-29
Trial starts in case of starved boy 2013-02-22

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