Boy by RCMP officer

A boy (b. 2002) was imprisoned, starved, and physically and sexually abused by his father, an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and his stepmother. The boy’s two siblings were not reported to be abused. The boy was homeschooled.

The boy last attended school in June 2012; his parents began homeschooling him in September 2012, reportedly due to behavior problems. The abuse took place over six months. The Mountie kept the boy chained in the basement, deprived him of food and water, beat him with a stick, and burned him with a barbecue lighter. Some of the punishments were reportedly because the boy did not do his homework. In videos the Mountie made of the abuse, the emaciated boy is tied up while his father taunts him and insists that he “renounce Satan.”

The abuse came to light in February 2013 when the boy escaped and went to a neighbor for help. The Mountie was convicted of assault, sexual assault, and unlawful confinement, among other charges. His wife was convicted of assault and neglect.

Date: February 2013
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2 Children of Richard and Cynthia Kelly

A boy (b. 2002) was imprisoned, starved, and medically neglected by his adoptive parents, Richard and Cynthia Kelly. His older sister (b. 1997), who was also adopted, was not reported to be abused. The children were homeschooled.

The boy, who was reported to have special needs, was kept locked in the basement by the Kellys for two years (from age 12 to 14), where he was denied food, water, and medical care. Authorities described the isolation as “disciplinary in nature.”

The abuse came to light when the Kellys brought the boy to the hospital. He weighed 55 lbs. and was described as “severely and chronically malnourished, dehydrated, suffering from acute respiratory distress, shock, hypothermia, hypothyroid and close to death.” The Kellys were charged with aggravated child abuse.

Date: November 13, 2016
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7 Children of Austin and Annie Wiggin

Four girls (Helen, b. 1946; Dorothy ‘Dot’, b. 1949; Betty, b. 1951; and Rachel, b. 1954) and three boys (Rick Tenney; Austin Wiggin III; and Robert Wiggin), were isolated and abused by their father, Austin Wiggin Jr. The girls were homeschooled through “a Chicago mail-order outfit called American Home School.” It is unclear whether the boys were allowed to attend school.

Based on a prophecy made by his mother, Austin Wiggin Jr. pulled his daughters from school and forced them to form a rock band known as The Shaggs. When they were not practicing, they were forced to do calisthenics. Wiggin forbade his daughters from dating and “discouraged most other friendships.” Helen also reported that Wiggin sexually abused her on one occasion. In 1974 (when Helen was 28) she secretly married her boyfriend while continuing to live at home, fearing her father’s reaction. “On the night that she finally screwed up the courage to give him the news, he got out a shotgun and went after her husband. The police joined in and told Helen to choose one man or the other. She left with her husband, and it was months before Austin spoke to her.”

Wiggin died in 1975 and the Shaggs immediately broke up. In 1999, Helen was unable to work due to serious depression; she died in 2006. The other sisters have recently begun to make music together again.

Date: 1975
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2 Children of Trisha Meyer

Two children, a 17-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, were endangered by their mother, Trisha Meyer. Additional children may have been endangered as well. The children were homeschooled.

Meyer allowed “three tigers, a cougar, a skunk and a fox,” as well as several monkeys, to roam freely in her home with the children. The endangerment came to light on Sept. 26, when police investigating Meyer for theft found the 14-year-old girl at home with the animals. Ordered to appear in court, Meyer instead fled the state with her children and animals. She was later arrested in Pahrump, Nevada on Nov. 7 and her animals were confiscated. Meyer was charged with child endangerment.

Date: November 7, 2016
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Girl by Robert Wyatt

A girl (b. 2002) was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her pastor, Robert Duane “Bob” Wyatt, who was also her homeschool teacher.

Wyatt, an assistant pastor at Agape Bible Church, began assaulting the girl in 2014, when she was 12. He told her he loved her and planned to leave the country with her when she turned 18. The assaults continued for two years. In July 2016, Wyatt reported the assaults to the head pastor, Darrell Ferguson, and the girl’s adoptive parents, but all three chose not to report the abuse to the authorities in order to protect the church.

The abuse came to light in September 2016 when a parishioner within the church reported it to authorities. Wyatt was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Date: September 19, 2016
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5 Children of the ‘Springs Monster’

Five children (a 16-year-old girl, an 11-year-old boy, two younger girls, and a 2-year-old girl) were tortured by their father, dubbed the ‘Springs Monster’. Their mother was also charged with child abuse, although she claimed that she was a victim of her husband. The children were homeschooled.

The children were “shocked with electric wires and burnt with a blow torch.” The 11-year-old boy “was made to stand naked on the porch one night as punishment,” was strung up by the wrists for two days, and was tortured with teargas. The 16-year-old girl was raped by her father. The father did not allow any of the children to receive medical care.

The abuse came to light when the 11-year-old boy escaped from the home and went to the neighbors for help. Before the parents could be arrested, the father beat the boy severely in retaliation for his outcry. The ‘Springs Monster’ was charged with 22 counts including rape and child abuse; his wife was charged with 20 similar counts.

Date: May 23, 2014
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Girl by Harold Stone

A 15-year-old girl was sexually abused by her homeschool teacher, Harold L. Stone.

Stone, a prominent entrepreneur and former university professor, began sexually assaulting the girl in his home in August or September 2014 at the same time as he began homeschooling her. Stone made the girl “take home pregnancy tests and threatened to make her have an abortion if she conceived a child.” He also threatened to kill her parents if she told anyone about the abuse.

The girl reported the abuse to authorities in May 2015 and Stone was arrested shortly thereafter. He was found guilty of sexual assault and child abuse.

Date: June 2015
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3 Children of Jessie Tribby and Anna Patterson

Two girls, S.T. (born Jan. 2007) and a younger girl (born Dec. 2007), were beaten by their father, Jessie Tribby, and their stepmother Anna Mae Patterson. The girls were homeschooled. The couple’s biological child (born Jan. 2016) was not reported to be abused.

Tribby and Patterson married in July 2015. Between July and December, Patterson homeschooled the girls. During that time, their parents beat them with a wooden paddle as punishment. “Tribby told a social worker that he and Patterson are religious people, and the Bible says to spank with a rod and not their hand.” The girls were also forced to sit in hard chairs for long periods of time, which caused blisters from the beatings to break. When the girls urinated on themselves, they were forced to take cold showers as punishment.

The abuse came to light when the girls went to live with their biological mother Gina Tribby in December 2015. She noticed the bruises and blisters and reported the abuse to social services. She was granted full custody. Patterson and Jessie Tribby were charged with physical abuse.

Date: January 2016
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Gypsy Blancharde

gypsy blancharde
Gypsy Rose Blancharde, born in 1991, was starved and medically abused by her mother, Clauddine ‘Dee Dee’ Blanchard (aka Clauddinnea Blancharde), who is believed to have had Munchausen by proxy syndrome. Gypsy was homeschooled.

Blanchard kept Gypsy’s head shaved to make her appear sick. She forced Gypsy to take seizure medications which made her teeth fall out. She kept her confined to a wheelchair and allowed her to eat only through a feeding tube for several years. Blanchard subjected Gypsy to several unnecessary surgeries, such as having her eye muscles operated on, tubes inserted in her ears, and her salivary glands removed. Blanchard lied about Gypsy’s age, saying she was four years younger than she was. In February 2011, when Gypsy was 19, she tried to escape with a man she had met at a science fiction convention. Blanchard responded by destroying the family computer and supervising Gypsy’s later internet use.

The abuse came to light in 2015 when Gypsy and her online boyfriend, Nick Godejohn, murdered Blanchard. After Gypsy’s arrest it became evident that she was not sick and she gained 14 pounds in prison. In a plea deal, Gypsy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is serving 10 years in prison.

Date: June 14, 2015
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Dominique Moceanu

dominique moceanu
Dominique Moceanu, born 1981, was financially, emotionally, and physically abused by her parents, Romanian immigrants Dimitru and Camelia Moceanu, while being homeschooled for part of her high school years. Dominique’s sister Christina (b. 1989), was also emotionally abused. Another sister, Jennifer (b. 1987), was given up for adoption at birth.

Dominique, a professional gymnast, attended public schools in various states as a child and was a straight-A student. She was enrolled at Northland Christian School in Houston in November 1995 when she ceased attending to prepare for the summer Olympics of 1996 (where she would go on to win a gold medal). While being homeschooled, she had “several hours of academic instruction [each day], conducted by her mother with the help of a home-schooling TV channel.” During this time, her father slapped her across the face as punishment for eating food unsanctioned by her gymnastics coaches, Bela and Marta Karolyi. After the Olympics, she embarked on a 7-month tour around the US. It is unclear when she returned to school. On October 17, 1998, Dominique ran away from home due to continued abuse. Shortly thereafter she filed a lawsuit against her parents for stealing her earnings and was granted legal emancipation from them by the courts. In December 1998 she was granted a temporary restraining order against her parents who were stalking and harassing her; Dimitru was apparently plotting to have two of Dominique’s friends murdered. She went back to Northland Christian School in spring 1999.

Date: 1996-1998
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