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Alexandru Radita

rachel   May 13, 2014   Comments Off on Alexandru Radita

After police entered his home following reports of a deceased youth, 15-year-old Alexandru Radita was found dead in his bed “amidst conditions that police say were horrific.” Alexandru, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a young age, died of bacterial sepsis resulting from neglect, starvation, and complications resulting from his medical condition. While Alexandru’s death was preventable, police determined… Read more »

Son of David and Pamela Martin

clmccracken   May 12, 2014   Comments Off on Son of David and Pamela Martin

A 17-year-old boy was imprisoned in a basement and starved by his father, David L. Martin, and his stepmother, Pamela S. Martin. The boy had lived in the basement since September 2012, when his father pulled him out of school to reportedly homeschool him. The Martins claimed to have imprisoned the boy for safety reasons when Pamela’s son and grandson… Read more »

Jaelen Edge

rachel   March 4, 2014   Comments Off on Jaelen Edge

13-year-old Jaelen Edge and his sister, 9-year-old Faith Edge, were found dead in a Santa Ana, California, hotel room the day before their mother, Marilyn Edge, was to turn over custody of the two children to their father, Mark Edge. Around a week earlier, a judge had settled the couple’s long custody dispute. Rather than relinquish custody of her children… Read more »

Boy by Joseph Maddock

rachel   January 10, 2014   Comments Off on Boy by Joseph Maddock

A 10-year-old boy was sexually molested by his homeschool teacher, Joseph Maddock, 34. The boy’s family had met Maddock in early 2012 while Maddock was teaching at Andrews Academy, a local private school. Maddock convinced the parents to pull the boy out of school and let him homeschool the boy. Maddock homeschooled the boy daily in his home from September… Read more »

Teddy Foltz-Tedesco and 2 siblings

stirringsofconsciousness   December 18, 2013   Comments Off on Teddy Foltz-Tedesco and 2 siblings

Teddy Foltz-Tedesco, 14, was beaten unconscious by his mother’s boyfriend, Zaryl G. Bush. Bush then threatened Teddy’s younger twin brothers, 8, into helping him cover up the scene of the crime. Teddy was not taken to the hospital until several hours after the incident and was pronounced dead five days later, after suffering from internal bleeding and brain contusions. The abuse… Read more »

Emani Moss

rachel   December 1, 2013   Comments Off on Emani Moss

Police found 10-year-old Emani Moss’s burned body in a trash can several days after she was starved to death at the hands of her father and stepmother, Eman and Tiffany Moss. After a tip from a school employee, social services had intervened in Emani’s family three years earlier, removing her from her parents’ home for a brief period in early… Read more »

5 Children of Wanda Sue Larson and Dorian Harper

rachel   November 19, 2013   Comments Off on 5 Children of Wanda Sue Larson and Dorian Harper

Wanda Sue Larson and Dorian Harper were arrested on child abuse charges after they handcuffed their 11-year-old foster son to the porch in November in his underwear with a dead chicken tied around his neck. The foster child and four other adopted children, aged 8, 9, 13, and 14, were removed from the home, which investigators found was littered with… Read more »

4 Children of Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey

rachel   October 9, 2013   Comments Off on 4 Children of Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey

The four boys ranged in age from 2 to 6. None of them were verbal, and none were potty trained. They communicated only in grunts, and lived with their parents, Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey, in a filthy apartment. Flies covered every surface, cat poop and urine covered the floor, and the smell of decay came from a back room…. Read more »

Child of David and Pamela Martin

rachel   September 21, 2013   Comments Off on Child of David and Pamela Martin

Police responding to a child abuse tip in early February 2013 found a mentally challenged 17 year old left emaciated, filthy, and chained to a pole in his family’s basement. The teen’s father, David Martin, had withdrawn him from school to homeschool him the previous September, and with the assistance of the boy’s stepmother, Pamela Martin, had locked him in… Read more »

Erica Lynn Parsons

rachel   September 10, 2013   Comments Off on Erica Lynn Parsons

Erica Lynn Parsons was reported missing in August 2013, when her 19 year old step-brother went to the authorities to say he had not seen her since late 2011. Erica’s adoptive parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, claimed that they left her with a biological relative, but their story did not add up and neither Erica nor the biological relative were… Read more »