Girl by Leonard Pratt

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leonard pratt
A 16-year-old girl was raped daily by her stepfather, karate instructor Leonard Pratt, who sometimes filmed the assaults. The abuse started when she was 13, about two weeks after her mother, Lorena Pratt, married him in April 2001. Lorena Pratt was emotionally abused by her husband and did not know about the girl’s sexual abuse. Pratt repeatedly forced the girl to miss school so that he could assault her; after she failed ninth grade, she was homeschooled.

Social services received six reports of abuse, including one from the girl’s biological father, but the girl always denied the allegations out of fear of her stepfather. Social services had also received reports of Pratt abusing his biological children, but they could not find evidence to substantiate them.

In September 2003, the girl fatally shot her father in the head while he slept. She was “charged as a juvenile with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon”; however, “a grand jury decided not to indict” her and she was removed to the custody of her biological father.

Date: September 23, 2003
Elgin, Texas

Documents: Date:
Girl arrested; charged with assault 09-24-2003
Shooting Victim Dies 10-02-2003
Case illustrates overload problem at Child Protective Services 10-31-2003
Home Schoolers May Be No Safer in Their Homes Than Other Children 11-17-2004