About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Homeschooling’s Invisible Children is to raise awareness of the horrific abuse and neglect that can take place when unfit caregivers use homeschooling as a cover for criminal child maltreatment.

What we do

Homeschooling’s Invisible Children works to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect that takes place under the cover of homeschooling by documenting cases of fatality, imprisonment, physical abuse, food deprivation, sexual abuse, and medical neglect suffered by homeschooled children.

Who we are

Homeschooling’s Invisible Children is run by volunteers. We are former homeschoolers, some victims of abuse, some not. Our goal is to shed light on a problem we believe is in need of correction.

Our affiliation

Homeschooling’s Invisible Children (HIC) operates under the oversight of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE). HIC works to catalogue horrific cases of abuse and neglect and raise awareness on this issue while CRHE works to educate and promote the need for adequate safeguards for at-risk children who are homeschooled.

Homechooling’s Invisible Children was founded by Rachel Coleman and Heather Doney.

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