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3 Children of Leslie Tiesler and Brad Thill

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Leslie Tiesler is accused of starving three adopted sons, aged 13 and 14, shooting them with a BB gun, beating them with a spoon, and confining them to a tool chest for days. The other two children in the home, one biological, were not abused. Leslie’s ex-husband, Brad Thills, adopted the four children in 2008, but the children continued to… Read more »

5 Children of John and Linda Dollar

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John and Linda Dollar are accused of abusing their 5 adopted children, ages 12, 13, 14, 14, and 16, by branding them with a cattle prod, striking their feet with hammers, pulling out their toenails with pliers, and binding them with chains. The Dollars also deprived the children of food to the extent that the twins, aged 14, weighed only… Read more »

2 Children of Dwayne and Pamela Hardy

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Investigators responding to an anonymous tip found two children, aged 6 and 9, malnourished and scarred from beatings. Dwayne and Pamela Hardy had adopted the two children six months earlier, and homeschooled the two just as they had their four biological children, who were now grown. The couple “disciplined” the children by frequently depriving them of food, locking them in… Read more »

Austin and Edward Bryant

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In 2000, Edward and Linda Bryant adopted two foster children, Austin and Edward Bryant. Both children were classified as special needs and the Bryants received government subsidies for their care. Over the years, the Bryants took additional foster children and adopted seven other children. In 2011, a young man who had know the Bryant children as neighbors as a kid… Read more »

3 Children of Mary Corrigan

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Mary Corrigan, 33, was charged with child neglect after it was discovered that she locked her three children, 6, 8, and 10, naked in a bathroom for long periods of time and forced them to drink vinegar, eat hot peppers, and take cold showers as a punishment for bad language. The children were also malnourished and covered in rashes. They… Read more »

4 Children of Vanessa and Ray Jackson

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Vanessa and Ray Jackson systematically starved their four adopted sons, beat them with brooms, rulers, sticks, shoes, and belt buckles, and choked them. When they were found, Bruce, 19, weighed 45 pounds; Keith, 14, weighed 41 pounds; Tyrone, 10, weighed 28 pounds; and Michael, 9, weighed 23 pounds. Vanessa kept the kitchen locked up and the boys were so hungry… Read more »

Child of Rebecca Long and Jon Pomeroy

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Rebecca Long, 44, and Jon Pomeroy, 43, have been charged with first-degree and second-degree criminal mistreatment in what the local sheriff’s investigators called “the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen.” A 14 year old girl, Pomeroy’s biological daughter and Long’s stepdaughter, was deprived of food and water for years, and weighed less than 40 pounds, her growth… Read more »

Marcus Holloway

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10 year old Marcus Holloway died of severe malnutrition after his mother, Candice Holloway, and her boyfriend, Private Connell C. Williams, 32, fed him only water and rice cakes over the course of several months as a punishment for eating too many sweets. During this time, Marcus was locked in a room described as being like a “dungeon.” A physician… Read more »

Child of Roberto Fortin II

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A 7-year-old boy, son of Roberto Fortin II, was brought to the hospital severely malnourished, in diapers, and covered with infected wounds. His stepmother said the boy was being homeschooled. The family lived in Florida. Date: August 2010 Location: Miami, Florida

Child of Paul and Debbie Salvetti

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Paul and Debbie Salvetti’s 13 year old adopted son escaped imprisonment in a room of their home by kicking through a wall into another bedroom. He went to his former public school the next day to notify a staff member there about the abuse. He weighed 87 pounds at the time of his escape, two pounds less than he had… Read more »